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Many people have heard of THC, but a growing number of patients are seeking cannabis varieties high in CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive component of the plant potentially being used to treat a broad spectrum of ailments. Because CBD does not cause a “high”, it has the advantage of being a medicine with very few side effects. Until recently, the availability of high-CBD strains was quite scarce for medical users. 

While CBD is itself nonpsychoactive, its effects can be greatly enhanced in combination with THC and we offer a wide selection of products featuring a variety of CBD:THC ratios. CBD based products have the potential to change how we treat a wide range of ailments and which are at the forefront of a movement destined to reduce a medical patient’s dependence on costly pharmaceutical drugs.

Caps & Tinctures

Tinctures and capsules are both highly effective and accessible methods of medicating. Alcohol-based tinctures are absorbed almost instantly for quick pain relief, and capsules can be easily digested for reliable, time-released dosages ranging from very low to very high. The purity of the medicine without any unnecessary ingredients make caps and tinctures an ideal solution for patients with dietary or digestive issues. See the Infused Menu for our full selection of CBD capsules and tinctures.


Cannabis-infused edibles go through a slow release process in the digestive system, so it can take an hour or two to feel the effects but the benefits are long-lasting. With dosages measured in milligrams of medicine, patients can easily find the CBD:THC ratio that works best for them in an assortment of delicious options, from chocolate bars and lemon drops to coconut oil, breath spray and tea. See the Infused Menu for our full selection of CBD-infused edibles.


Topical CBD medicine is great for muscle spasms, inflammation, joint pain and other symptoms close to the surface of the body. Whether CBD or THC, cannabis has no psychoactive effects when used topically, so a patient can apply as much as necessary and enjoy the benefits all day long. See the Topicals Menu for our full selection of CBD topicals.


Concentrated CBD is one of the most potent forms of medicine. Whether vaporized through a pen or dripper or directly ingested (dabbing), concentrates can be used to effectively manage moderate to severe pain throughout the day. See the Concentrates Menu for our full selection of CBD concentrates.


CBD-rich flower is not typically as potent as other forms of the medicine, but the effects of smoking can be felt almost immediately as the CBD goes straight for the brain receptors. It can also be easily combined with strains rich in THC to provide a wide variety of additional benefits. See the Flowers Menu for our full selection of CBD-rich flowers.

Seeds & Clones

Why not grow your own CBD medicine? We carry a huge selection of seeds and clones form respected breeders such as Medicine Man, Sohum, Midnight Farms and Medicinal Organics, including beloved CBD-rich strains like Harlequin, Cannatonic, ACDC, Pine-Tsu and many others. See the KindGenetics Menu for our full selection of CBD-rich seeds and clones.

See the full menu of our CBD products available at both of our locations.